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Who are we?

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My guess is we are very similar to you - striving to provide security and comfort for our family while creating happiness and fun along the way. If you are in business like us, you know that mission can sometimes be easier said than done. What you may not know is that every entrepreneur experiences major highs and lows just like you, and just like us. There is always a journey to the top. But just being on that journey means you’ve already created success.

Through our podcast, Biz Underdog To Topdog, we showcase the journey traveled by top achievers in various fields. We started this podcast to hear and share their stories so you, our entrepreneurial listener, will know you are not alone. The goal is that you realize that you too can achieve the same level of prosperity if you stay the course.

I (Nikki) have run a snack company and multiple dessert cafes for years. What I now know is what it takes to get a business started and scaled the right way. What I wish I knew starting out is the value of connecting with an experienced coach, from the very beginning, to help me avoid mistakes. Based on my years of experience, I offer this to you in the form of courses, private online communities and live coaching sessions.

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I (Trey) have been on the business journey with Nikki from the start. What I’ve found is that energy and good health are vital to a thriving business. If your health dips, your focus switches to getting it back on track, and this means your business dips. The best approach? Take simple, daily, health-focused steps that create a lifestyle of good habits. Hey, I’m not at all saying I’m perfect. But I’m taking you on this journey with me. I’m pulling back the curtain and letting you see what I’m doing to make sure my family and I get on, and stay on, the right track - building a strong body while building a strong business.

One question we get a lot is how to balance business with family. What we’ve found is that the easiest way to achieve harmony between the two, to achieve that work/life balance so many strive for, is to smash them together. Our kiddies, Nigel and Nadia, entered the scene and have been a part of our business journey for as long as they can remember. We love our family. We love our business. So we make it our business to mesh the two together.

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web-about us (fam)

When possible, our kiddies have been by our side and helped as we’ve made product, packed product, made deliveries, exhibited at events, opened stores, prepped for podcast interviews, recorded biz videos, etc. Before we make any big business decisions we hold a family meeting and consider their feedback on our next steps. At the same time, we’ve been able to attend their sports games, have engaged relationships with their school administrators, and encourage them on pursuing their own life interests. In the process, both have a gained a knowledge of business and a desire to make their own mark. Let your own kids check out what Nigel and Nadia are up to on their YouTube Channel.

As life-long lovers of business, it has been a desire of ours to help aspiring entrepreneurs like you. Jump in, listen to the podcast, check out our blog, and book some coaching time so we can help you grow.

Keep rocking and rising!

Nikki & Trey Lewis